Prepaid data SIM card

Stay connected while you are in Japan!

stay connected while you are in Japan.Make your trip fun with our prepaid data sim card


・No registration required
・Easy pick-up

Hi Speed

・4G LTE / 3G
 (Max.down 150Mbps Max.up 50Mbps)
・Nationwide coverage

7 days / 15 days

・It will be reduced to 200kbps
 once it reaches 200MB.
 (unlimited usage)

BOJ mobile Exclusive Promotion

Receive 2,000 Yen off per person for up to 3 people on entrance ticket.
Best Robot Restaurant ticket deal!
The value worth more than SIM price!
1,000 Yen discount (per group) coupon is also included for Beauty Of Japan experience programs.

Enjoy Shopping with our discount coupons!

Buy SIM and receive special discounts that worth over 5,000 yen!
Location includes major electric retails, drug stores, department stores, discount stores, sports outlets, and more!

Price list

¥ 2,980
¥ 3,580


BOJ mobile

Prepaid Data SIM card

    Micro SIM Nano SIM

    No registration required
    Easy pick-up
    No need to return

    Data allowance: 200MB/day
    (unlimited at 200kbps after 200MB)

    Usable period: 7 days / 15 days

    4G LTE / 3G
    high speed nationwide network

What you can do with a BOJ mobile SIM card per day(200MB)

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