Prepaid data SIM card

Stay connected while you are in Japan!


Order Process

Q Which payment method do you accept?
A We accept Credit card, Paypal and Bitcoin.

Q Would you ship via COD?
A No, we do not deliver via COD.

Q Can I pick it up at the airport I will be landing?
A Yes, it is possible to pick it up at major airports. Please select which airport you want to pick up when you order. If your arrival airport is not listed, unfortunately, we would not be able to deliver to your desired airport. Please also make sure to check their working hours and your flight time.

Q Do I need to show something at the post office in airports?
A Please show your passport.

Q Post office in the airport was closed. Would you forward it to my hotel?
A Unfortunately, we cannot forward once we shipped from our office. Please check their business hours and pick it up on the next day.

Q By when do we have to order?
A It is highly recommended to order 3 business days prior to your arrival to meet your requested delivery date.

Q I'm arriving tomorrow. Can I still order?
A No, we do not accept an order for next day delivery.

Q How much is the shipping fee?
A Shipping fee is 500 yen for orders before 3 days of your arrival. If your arrival date 2 days before, the shipping fee becomes 800 yen.


Q Can I use it as soon as I pick up?
A Yes, please set up APN and you are ready to go.

Q How do I set up APN?
For Android Users
①Remove the SIM card with IC and insert it to your device.

②Set the following information to your device.
・name : umobile
・APN :
・Certification ID(user name) :
・PASS : umobile
・Certification method : CHAP or PAP

③Make sure the setting has been saved.

For iPhone Users
Attention : You need to connect a Free wifi spot before you download profile date.

①Insert SIM card to your device.   
②Acsess to 【】 and install our profile data.
③Make sure the profile has been installed.
④If you see “docomo LTE” on the top of your device, your device is ready.

Q Can I talk on the phone?
A You cannot use a phone function that uses telephone number, but you can talk via Facebook or Skype service that use data communication.

Q How much data volume is included in BOJ mobile prepaid SIM card?
A Our SIM includes a volume of 200MB/day and resets at 12AM.

Q What is the data usage limit in one day?
A It's UNLIMITED; however, if data transaction volume exceeds 200MB within a day, the data communication speed goes down to 200kbps.

Q By when do we have to use this card?
A Please start using the card before its expiration date written on the back of package.

Q For how long can I use the card?
A We have 2 types: 7 days and 15 days.

Q Can I extend the usage period?
A No, you cannot extend.

Q In which language is the manual written?
A English, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

Q Can I add data volume?
A No, you cannot.

Q Do I need to return a card afterwards?
A No, there is no need to return.

Q Can I return or exchange a card?
A No, you cannot.

Q How should I order robot restaurant discount ticket?
A Please email us ( the following information: SIM order number, date, time, # of people. Detail is written on order confirmation email.

Q How much discount do I receive?
A 2,000 yen discount per person for up to 3 persons, which sums up to 6,000 yen discount in total.

Q What is Robot Restaurant?
A It's an entertainment place where robots and female dancers sing and dance. Over US$100 million were invested and the performance and robots are one of a kind. Please refer ti this page fore more details:

Q What kind of Beauty Of Japan experience programs are there and how do I receive 1,000 yen discount?
A Please refer to this page for available programs: 1,000 yen discount will be applied if th order amount is over 10,000 yen. Discount applies to per group basis and only apply to one group for once. Please let us know SIM order number when you book a program.

Q I want to know wholesale pricing and how the system works.
A Please inquire us for pricing via e-mail. You can pre-purchase our SIM or choose consignment style.

Q Is standard size available?
A Standard is only sold through wholesale. We do not sell individually.

Q Can I purchase 30 days SIM for my trip?
A We can arrange if we have on-hand inventory. Please email us for availability.

Q I cannot connect to the internet. What should I do?
A Please make sure inputs in APN setting is correct and try the following:
- Unmount and remount the SIM card, reboot the device
- Reconfigure the APN setting
- Check if the date communication is enabled.
- Check if airplane mode or wireless LAN is disabled.
If it still does not work, please call customer support center (toll-free): 0120-992-449 and ask for English service. Please let them know you are using SIM powered by u-mobile.