Prepaid data SIM card

Stay connected while you are in Japan!


BOJ mobile is pleased to offer wholesale pricing to travel-related agencies, shops, or resellers (registered business).

Order Flow


BOJ mobile Prepaid Data SIM card

No activation required
Unlimited data usage
No need to return

Data Allowance:
200MB/day(Speed will be reduced to 200kpbs once 200MB is reached.)

Data Speed:
LTE (Maximum 150 Mbps downlink/50 Mbps uplink) via NTT docomo 4G/3G network

Availability Period:
7 days/15 days/30 days

SIM Card Type:
Micro/Nano/SIM Card

Order Method

Please send us e-mail to with the following information.
*MOQ is 20. Instruction manual is written in Enligh, Chinese, Korean.

SIM Type and Quatity:
15 days: Standard( )pcs、Micro( )pcs、Nano( )pcs
30 days: Standard( )pcs、Micro( )pcs、Nano( )pcs
7 days: Standard( )pcs、Micro( )pcs、Nano( )pcs

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Payment method:
1. Paypal 2. Bitcoin 3. Bank Wire Transfer